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About Patrick

Patrick Bobilin is the former Vice President of the East River Democratic Club. He's also a well-known activist and organizer, volunteering at local soup kitchens and senior centers. He helped to start the nightly vigils for George Floyd and victims of police violence that take place each night at Carl Schurz Park.

Growing up with a mother who worked 60+ hours every week and a father born in Puerto Rico who faced daily bouts of racism in and out of the workplace, he has always had a strong desire for social justice. Patrick is a product of the New York state public school system which has only been more deprived of its resources since he was in school. He wants to ensure that people in Yorkville, Roosevelt Island, and all over the state never have to worry about having their basic needs met by a government that should be willing to fairly tax the wealthy to provide for the rest of the working class that creates the wealth.

New York should no longer deprive essential workers while providing wealth for top earners.

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