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I'm a former public school teacher and East Side organizer who aims to fully fund transit infrastructure, public health, and public education systems so that future generations don't suffer the problems we keep passing on.


Like many parents today, my mother juggled 60-hour weeks of low-wage work and died in her 40s because she never had adequate healthcare. My father was born in Puerto Rico and I watched him battle so much of the racism that New Yorkers still deal with today.

Income inequality, racial injustice, and environmental justice issues can’t be solved by the people who held office in our neighborhoods as the problems grew. Creative and empathetic solutions must come from the people who have experienced these problems.


How Patrick wants to support New Yorkers and transform the city and state

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"Are you willing to fight for a person you don’t know as much as you’re willing to fight for yourself?"

-Bernie Sanders, 2019

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We're in the midst of four simultaneous crises: a public health crisis, an unemployment crisis, an eviction crisis, and an environmental crisis. Patrick has a ten-point plan to start solving these issues on day one.

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